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  If the singing career of Antoinette were featured in a 1950s-style movie, newspaper headlines would flash on screen, one after the other, as music crescendos, to depict her career taking off. "Bright star on the horizon," "Rich, lush voice," "Hints of Sara Vaughn and Ella Fitzgerald!"

  There's no movie yet, but these headlines represent what people in the music business are saying about "Antoinette," a Canonsburg, PA native raised on Perry Como Avenue who opened for the Four Coins, and most recently for Bobby Vinton at the Chevrolet Amphitheatre at Station Square, Pittsburgh.

  What's in Canonsburg's water anyway? Whatever it is, by all indications, Antoinette is in line to become Canonsburg's next great singing sensation. And to think she didn't pursue a singing career until after she was divorced and had raised three children.

  Warning: Her debut compact disc due out this summer on Hero Records "Angel Eyes," is absolutely addictive. Anyone who enjoys smooth jazz and pop standards will revel in this release. The bet is, you'll wear it out.

  Her sometimes whispery, breathless, sensuous smooth jazz vocals are hypnotic. Pittsburgh disc jockey Mike McGann, of WJAS Radio 1320 AM, and said her voice is reminiscent of cocktail siren Julie London and bebop legend Sarah Vaughn. He even described her as a softer version of jazz queen Ella Fitzgerald.

  She also oozes personality, which accentuates her powerful pipes. "First of all, I believe in what I'm doing, then I express my music to make someone else believe in what I'm doing," Antoinette said. "The greatest thing is looking out and seeing everyone smiling."
Antoinette's main gig happens 1 to 4 p.m. each Saturday at Deja Vu in Pittsburgh's Strip District, where she has gathered a loyal following. She keeps the place hopping as the music fills Penn Avenue, prompting people to duck inside to behold the spectacle.

  Bolstering her success is the fact that she surrounds herself with talented musicians, including Dave Crisci on piano and Jason Miller on saxophone, for local gigs. She also has an all-star lineup of internationally renowned musicians on her upcoming "Angel Eyes" CD.

  Her success should surprise no one. Antoinette's musical heritage traces all the way back to Perry Como. Her father, Reonaldi Conte, was a Canonsburg barber who sang with Como, Vinton and others in the famous barbershop on what's now Perry Como Avenue. It inspired her to become a singer.

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