Hero Records was established in Cleveland, Ohio by Dr. Joel Friedman, Ronald Salupo and Carl Maduri and is dedicated to the development and promotion of extraordinary artists and producers. The label has maintained a focus on pop/rock oriented music and continues to expand its roster of artists and its catalogue of products.

THEME FROM “A SUMMER PLACE” Writer: Max Steiner (ASCAP) 1960 Hit
THE MORNING AFTER Writers: Joel Herschhorn and Al Kasha (ASCAP) 1973 Hit
TURN AROUND LOOK AT ME Writer: Jerry N. Capeheart (BMI) 1968 Hit
NO NOT MUCH Writers: Robert Allen and Stillman (ASCAP) 1953 Hit
ALL OF A SUDDEN MY HEART SINGS Writers: Blanvillain, Herpin and Ronnie (ASCAP) 1959 Hit
BABY I’M YOURS Writer: Van McCoy (BMI) 1965 Hit
TILL Writers: Busson, Sananes and Sigman (ASCAP) 1968 Hit
SINCE I DON’T HAVE YOU Writers: Beaumont, Lester Jr., Rock, Taylor, Verscharen and Vogel (ASCAP) 1959 Hit
PRECIOUS AND FEW Writer: Walter Nims (ASCAP) 1972 Hit
MOMENTS TO REMEMBER Writers: Robert Allen and Stillman (ASCAP) 1955 Hit
ONE BOY Writers: Lee Adam and Charles Strause (ASCAP) 1960 Hit
TELL ME YOUR MINE Writer: Ron Gaylord (ASCAP) 1954 Hit
AMORE MIO Writer: Ron Gaylord (BMI) 1992 Hit
YOUR CHEATING HEART Writer: Hank Williams (BMI) 1953 Hit
YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE Writers: Hammerstein and Rodgers (ASCAP) 1945 Hit
I’VE GOT THE WORLD ON A STRING Writers: Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler (ASCAP) 1953 Hit
AT LAST Writers: Mack Gordon and Harry Warren (ASCAP) 1961 Hit
OVER THE RAINBOW: Writers: Harold Arlen and E.Y.Harburg (ASCAP) 1950 Hit

CD Credits

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS – Ron Salupo, Chris Maduri and Bruce Maduri
SPECIAL THANKS – Mike McVay, Tom Embrescia, Joe Restito, George Soos, Renee Vitanonio, Ed “Chuck” Williams, Jim Mindala, Dr. Joel Friedman, Jac1 Consultants, Jim Fauver, Bob Neff, Don and Annette Hudson, Joe Occhionero, Wayne Salupo, Ross Salupo, Perry Stancato, Jr. and Lou Ripepi.

Recording Studios Music Tracks
Audio Vision, Afterhours, Hit Factory, Miami, Florida
Engineers Karl Richardson all tracks except them from the Summer Place, Your Cheating Heart and Precious and Few/Moments to Remember engineered by Hal Batt.

Vocal Recording Studios
Rumbo Recording, Canoga Park, California
Gaither Studios, Anderson, Indiana
Landmark Studios, Cleveland, Ohio
The Disc, Detroit, Michigan
Transcontinental Studios, Orlando, Florida
Vocal Producer for Mel Carter and Joanie Sommers – Jerry Sharell - Engineered by Jim Faraci
Vocal Producer You’ll Never Walk Alone – Jerry Sharrell for Mel Carter – Engineered by Shawn Berman
Vocal Engineer for Climax/Sonny Geraci/Four Lads Skyliners and Vogues - Jim Hillenbrand
Vocal Engineer for Sandi Patty – Chad Evans
Vocal Engineer for The Gaylords – Fritz Vantosky
Vocal Engineer for Barbara Lewis – Bill Wathan
Vocal Arrangement by Bernie Toorish for Vogues, Climax/Sonny Geraci & Four Lads…

…featuring Bernie Toorish
MIXING ENGINEER – ERIC SHILLING…..added mixes Karl Richardson.

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